Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Make Mine Embellished: Join the MIY Revolution

(MS) - Sure, you shop where everyone else does - it's convenient, prices are good, and so is the selection. But you really don't want to look and live like everyone else. You're ready for the MIY - Make It Yours - revolution.

The MIY revolution embraces personal style, rather than a cookie-cutter look. "Embellishment" is the key to this new trend, and purchased goods are the canvas for creativity. People are decorating their clothing, their accessories and their spaces to reflect just who they are.

From tweens to seniors, everyone wants a custom look, and paint is one of the easiest ways to achieve it. If you're new to the paint aisle, here are a few suggestions:

· Be sure the paint is recommended for your project. To keep it simple, look for a paint that will work on numerous surfaces.

· Understand how to use the paint. For example, do you need to prep the surface, and how long should the paint dry?

· Fabric painting is very hot right now - is your selected paint suitable for fabric? Will it withstand frequent washings?

· What's the best way to apply the paint? Experienced painters might be comfortable with a paintbrush or creating a design by squeezing paint right from the tube. Others will welcome the great looks that can be achieved with paints that can be used with stamps or paint rollers.

· Is clean up easy, or does it require more than soap and water?

One product at the forefront of the MIY revolution is new Squeeze ArtTM dimensional paint from Krylon®. The high-quality, multi-purpose formula embellishes fabric, glass, ceramics, plastic, metal, and paper. Sixteen colors and finishes, including Glossy, Glitter and Glow-in-the-Dark, make self-expression fun, whether you squeeze it, stamp it, comb it, roll it or brush it on.

Looking to start your own MIY revolution? Here are a few ideas:

Wearables: Paint your jeans, jackets, T-shirts, ballcaps, visors, backpacks, even tennis shoes. Try glow-in-the-dark paint for pajama time fun.

Home D├ęcor: Add color and style to purchased candles, lamp shades, vases, clocks, picture frames, curtains, even switch plates.

Storage Savvy: Everyone has a closet full of plastic storage tubs. Make yours striped, dotted, swirled, lettered, labeled, all in the colors and finishes you want.

For more information about Krylon Squeeze Art, visit www.krylon.com.

CAPTION: Embellish a jean jacket with a rose motif or any theme that fits your personality.

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