Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Different Types of Fishing

(MS) - Fishing is a sport that captivates many people. It provides more than just a chance for a leisurely getaway; fishing is also big business. According to the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), there are 40 million anglers in the United States alone. Fishing enthusiasts and people who fish for a living help to employ the manufacturers of fishing poles, lures, tackle boxes, and all of the other necessities for the sport. It is estimated that $45 billion in retail sales are generated each year from sportfishing.

A report by the 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lists California as the state with the most recreational anglers ages 16 and up for that year. But all across the country, anglers cast their lines for fun - and new fishing recruits sign up every season.

There are many different types of fishing, so you're bound to find a method you will enjoy. Here's a look at some of the popular types.

Fishing line fishing: This is by far the most popular type of fishing around. Using a rod and line, a fisherman attempts to hook a fish with a hook and bait.

Hand fishing: This type of fishing is just what the name implies. A person uses his or her hands to catch a fish, such as in lobster or pearl diving. In some areas of the southern U.S. catfish are caught this way. This type of fishing for catfish is called noodling.

Trolling: This is a form of fishing that involves drawing the fishing lure through the water in order to attract fish. This method is often used when fishing for big game fish such as marlin and tuna.

Bow/Spear fishing: This is based on a primitive type of fishing where a person stands above the water to shoot or spear a fish. In the past the spears were hand-thrown and the bows hand-powered. Today, automatic spear guns and pneumatic bows help propel the weapon at the target.

Dredging: This is a method of attaching a large net or chain mesh behind a boat to scoop up fish. It is commonly used to catch scallops and oysters, and is typically associated with commercial fishing.

Fishing can take place on the shore, while standing in the water or aboard a boat. Regardless of the type, the end result is to catch a meal or a trophy fish. Still, most sportfishing enthusiasts simply fish for the thrill, and then throw their catch back.

Bait Fishing vs. Spin Fishing

Sportfishermen typically use two main methods of catching fish when line fishing.
Bait fishing involves using live or dead bait, which the fisherman attaches to a hook. Depending upon the fish sought out, the bait will either lie on the hook at the bottom of the water, be jigged to attract the fish, or slowly reeled in to catch a fish's eye.

Spin fishing relies on using an artificial lure that will spin under the water attracting fish. The lure is chosen to mimic the natural prey of the species being fished.

CAPTION: Fishing is a sport enjoyed by millions of people across the country.


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