Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shedding Some Light on Reading Comfort

(MS) - Reading is an activity that people of all ages enjoy, and something that is as much a part of daily life as eating or sleeping. Pouring through the pages of the latest bestseller may be your perfect idea of relaxing on the weekend. A favorite crossword or Sudoku puzzle book can pass the hour during your commute home from work. A home-improvement idea guide can help pave the way toward a kitchen remodel.

The trouble is, not all of your reading is done during the day or when light is optimal. Many times busy schedules push leisure or required reading into the evening or late-night hours, when leaving a bright overhead light on can disturb others. However, reading in poor lighting can strain eyes and prove bothersome.

A Bright Idea for Readers

Up until now, those who frequently enjoyed a book in bed or in dimly lit situations, such as on a bus or airplane, had to use a little ingenuity to illuminate their reading matter. A flashlight tucked on a shoulder, a pen light balanced above an ear were some attempts to lighten up the situation. Even clip-on booklights may have been used, but found ineffective because they didn't provide much light and may have featured a cord that needed to plug into a wall outlet. These options were far from convenient. But the Periscope® LED Book Light in a Bookcover ends the frustration of reading in low-light situations.

The patented Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover eliminates all cords, clips and clutter and lets you read what you want where you want in all types of low-light reading environments - all while protecting your privacy. The handy lighting system is housed within a slip-on bookcover (there are separate covers for hardcover and mass market paperback books). Simply slip your book into the cover and pull up the telescoping light, which automatically turns it on. The adjustable twin, wide-angle LED light can be pivoted to focus just where you need it for maximum reading comfort. Simply retract the lighting arm back into the book cover spine to turn off the light and stow it away. The light is powered by three AA batteries that deliver over 40 hours of continuous light, so there are no cords or plugs to worry about.

The covers also come with an attached book mark and handy pockets, so you'll never lose your place while reading and can store notes, tickets, or other small items as well. All of these features are housed in one convenient package that is just as portable as your favorite book.

Tips for Reading in Comfort

The makers of Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover suggest these tips for additional comfort while reading.

· Reading in low light will not severely damage the eyes, but it can lead to eye strain. So use adequate lighting whenever possible. Eye strain can produce symptoms, such as headaches, aching eyeballs, fuzzy vision, and drooping eyelids.

· If you're straining to see the print in books it may be time for an eye examination. An eye doctor may determine you need reading glasses or check your current prescription.

· While some people have no trouble reading in situations with plenty of ambient noise, most people prefer a quiet spot. At home, set aside a place that is a reading nook or serene sanctuary for reading.

To learn more about Periscope products, visit The book lights are readily available for paperback and hardcover books at Barnes and Noble retailers and online at


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