Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A guy's guide: Building the ultimate PC

(NC)-It's no secret - men love their gadgets. From flat-screen TVs to cars with all the latest accessories, guys are always on the lookout for the next device that puts them at the front of the "I gotta have it" pack.

Home computers are no exception to this rule. Men who are looking for the ultimate PC - one that's sure to wow their buddies - shouldn't settle for just any machine. Technology is constantly changing, and they should look for cutting-edge hardware running on the newest software, so that their gaming and entertaining can be experienced at the highest quality possible.

"I'm a die-hard gamer and I need a powerful PC, but I also need software that makes my hardware really pop" says Ryan Kokai, a Toronto-based accountant. "Others might be surprised at how powerful the newest generation PCs really are. My new Windows Vista PC easily handles all my favourite PC games, and makes downloading painless."

There are thousands of options available, so to help, here are a few features that every guy needs to build a dream PC:

. To get the best visual experience, gamers should always look for a PC with the most powerful graphics card available, such as the AMD ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2.

. Next, make sure you have software that's designed to advantage of the latest hardware technology. Windows Vista Ultimate, for example, comes packed with features like the Aero interface that will be sure to make your PC turn heads

. Don't skimp on the monitor. A unit like the Flatron LX60 LCD monitor from LG will make everything from movies to games look larger than life.

. And with all that killer equipment in place, don't settle for just any keyboard - hardware suppliers have lots of cutting-edge options available, such as the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 from Microsoft, which features a rechargeable backlit keyboard and wireless connections.

"With the right combination of new software and hot hardware, guys everywhere can easily end up with a PC that all their friends will want to use," adds Kokai.



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