Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bass Angler -- Fishing Tip

Modify A Buzzbait For More Bites

(MS) -- This month's Bass fishing tip is sponsored by BASSIN' magazine and comes courtesy of Logan M.H. Sebela, Elgin, Illinois.

"If you're like most anglers and are constantly looking to try something new or add something to your other lures, here's a good idea to cause a lot of commotion at your next hotspot.

"Take the buzzbait and run a piece of small diameter steel rod through the hole of the buzzbait. Next, bend both ends of the rod into loops. Now, add a snap swivel or a split ring to one end. Finally, you're ready to add any lure from a worm rig to a stick bait. Give it a try and this modified buzzbait will quickly become one of your favorite lures."

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