Monday, February 22, 2010

Did You Know?

Those with a passion for crafting need not limit their involvement to simply creating and selling crafts. In fact, there are many ways for individuals who love crafting to share their passion with others. One of those ways is to teach. Many communities offer crafting classes affiliated with local learning annexes or community colleges that enable craftsmen to share their passion with others. Another way for experienced craftsmen to share their passion is to write about it. Those with a gift not only for crafting but with the written word can share their knowledge by writing for magazines or Web sites. Several crafting-oriented Web sites exist, many of which encourage craftsmen to share their insights and experience. The same goes for magazines. Especially ambitious craftsmen might even consider writing a book to help others with a similar passion for crafting. Passionate craftsmen should also consider organizing a crafts fair to help fellow craftsmen peddle their wares,share crafts with those new to the hobby or simply gather with fellow craftsmen and talk shop.

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