Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Maximize Your Fun in the Summer Sun

(MS) -- Summer is back in full swing. For kids, that means no school and lazy days spent playing with friends. For adults, it likely means vacations with the family and a more relaxed and jovial atmosphere at the office.

For all of us, however, summer is a time to get outdoors in the warm air and have as much fun as possible. Oftentimes, this equates to summer trips to the beach or a boat trip to a favorite lake or other watering hole. Such locales are synonymous with summer smiles and fun. To get the most out of your next waterside jaunt, consider the following tips.

* Don't forget sunscreen. Nothing can ruin a day out in the sun more than a bad sunburn. Even for those used to being outside, be sure to pack along sufficient sunscreen to keep both kids and adults from turning into lobsters. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are at their strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so be sure to wear sunscreen during those hours and limit your time in the sun as well. Sunscreen with a minimum SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 is best for adults, while an SPF 30 is more appropriate for kids. Remember, cool breezes on the water can be deceptive --leading you to think it's cooler than it is. Sunscreen is always necessary, even on slightly
overcast or hazy days.

* Bring the fun with you! While the water offers plenty of fun as it is, savvy recreationists bring some extra fun with them as well. Inflatable towables, for example, have long been making beach and boating trips more fun for adults and kids alike.

What's more, towables are now safer than ever thanks to the new DOABLES line from Sportsstuff. The first 'controllable towable' ever introduced, DOABLES use a bottom centrally located VEER tow system that allows users to slalom, spin and do a combination of moves in a straight line boat pattern. Unlike traditional towables, wherein the boat driver must make a series of dangerous turns and swerves for the towable rider to make the most of each ride, DOABLES riders control their own movements, allowing the boat driver to simply drive straight and focus on the water ahead, making for a much safer trip each time you hit the water.
Each of the four different DOABLES series allows users to progress at their own speed while learning a variety of moves. Both the Slalom Solo and the Slalom Jockey allow riders to spin, while parents and kids can even hone their towable skills together on the Team Slalom, which allows for up to 4 riders at once.

"Safety is a major priority for us, and our boat never goes above 25 miles per hour," says Andrew from New York. "But the kids absolutely love it. I love the tall sides so when we have small children in it, there's no worry of them falling out. And the bigger kids love that they can ride four kids to a tube."

* Pack plenty of water. Much like sunburn isn't any fun, neither is dehydration. Unfortunately, dehydration is an all too common occurrence during the warm months, causing many to feel tired and cranky when they should be resting and relaxing in the warm summer sun. To avoid this health hazard, bring along a cooler of ice cold water, and save some money by packing some snacks and sandwiches as well.

* Don't forget the camera. Most families have fond memories of summer trips. Such memories are preserved much more successfully with a camera. Waterproof disposable cameras are inexpensive and perfect for families wary of bringing their more expensive cameras to the beach's sandy shores or out on the water. There are even cameras that are submersible, allowing you to capture underwater hijinks in addition to above-the-waves action as well.
DOABLES are available worldwide through marine distributors, marine dealers, sporting goods retailers, and outdoor retailers. For more information, visit http://www.sportsstuff.com/

CAPTION: Safe and fun towables such as the DOABLES line from Sportsstuff can make weekend getaways to the beach or lake more enjoyable for kids and adults alike.


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