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Television Personality Offers Secrets to Successful Crafting

(MS) -- By Mark Montano, co-host TLC's "My Celebrity Home"

People ask me, "What are your secrets to successful crafting?" And I say, "Jump off the creative cliff! Dive in! Get dirty! Go for it! Stop worrying about it and just DO it!" People worry that it won't be perfect. But it will. It will be 'perfectly imperfect' and that is a perfect expression of your creativity. Creativity doesn't come in a box. You can't be creative in a box. People say, "But my version doesn't look like yours.'" And I say, "Good! It needs to emerge from your enjoying the process of making something."

Crafting is a creative process -- there is no right way. If there were, we'd have an assembly line! You just take your time and play with it and make it yours.

However, here are a few practical things I have learned along the way to make my creating easier:

* Create a crafting space so you can walk away from your project and leave it there until you are ready to come back to it.

* Keep a stack of newspapers on hand to cover your workspace to make cleanup a breeze and insure you don't get paint and glue on tables and floors.

* Old fashioned wooden spring clothespins make perfect mini-clamps to hold a project together while the glue dries.

* I have used every glue on the market over the years, but there are only two that I use now; there's no in between. I use Elmer's for all my paper projects and Amazing GOOP or E-6000 for everything else.

* And my favorite trick? "Paint" your glue on. Instead of squeezing it out onto your project, squeeze it into a dish and use an inexpensive artist brush or cotton swab to paint it onto the surface you are gluing! When I am using one of the Amazing GOOP adhesives, I use a stiff artist brush to take the GOOP right out of the end of the tube. If you need to spread the GOOP smoothly, try using an ice cube -- you'll be amazed!

Glass Server How-to

This beautiful 3 tiered glass server was made from 3 glass plates, 2 glasses (I used pedestal dessert glasses) and a tube of craft adhesive. I chose Amazing E-6000 for this project because it is strong and cures to a waterproof, clear finish. TIP: I picked up the glassware at a thrift store for just a few dollars -- perfect for parties or gifts!

Material List for 3 tiered server:

* 3 plates (small, medium, large)

* 2 dessert cups or wineglasses

* Amazing E-6000(R)

* Wax paper or newspapers to cover work area

* Paper towels or work towel for clean up

* Marker (non-permanent)

* GOO OFF* adhesive and marker remover -- it is great for removing the marks made during plate placement in this project.

Note: Be sure to read these directions and the adhesive instructions completely before beginning this project. Always work on a level and protected surface and protect the work area with newspapers or wax paper. Use photos as a guide.


- Determine how you want to place the glassware supports on plates. Mark plate with non-permanent marker.

- Apply a thin bead of Amazing E-6000 to bottom rim of glassware and place in center of large plate. Wait 5 minutes and apply a thin bead of the adhesive to the top edge of the glassware. (Tip: Use a cotton swab to apply the glue.)

- Since Amazing E-6000 cures clear, any movement during placement will not show once the project is complete. Now center the medium plate on top of the glassware you just put the adhesive on. Let these pieces cure for 15 minutes.

- Apply a thin bead of the glue to bottom rim of glassware and place in the center of the medium plate. Wait 5 minutes and apply another thin bead to the top edge of the glassware.

- Now center the small plate on top of the glassware you just applied the adhesive to.

Your beautiful serving piece is now complete.

Pieces will become secure overnight. It is very important that the adhesive is allowed to cure to insure complete solvent evaporation before use. Allow tray to sit for at least five days before packaging as a gift or placing food on it.

CAPTION: Weekend craftsmen can use Amazing Goop(R) to turn simple glassware (above) into a beautiful, clear 3-tiered glass (r.) server in several easy steps.

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