Monday, August 30, 2010

Deck the Halls for Halloween, Too!

A big part of the fun of Halloween is decorating for this festive season of ghouls and goblins. Whether hosting a haunted house party at your home or if you're just hoping to dress up your home in the spirit of the season, the following directions can help give your home a more spooky feel this Halloween.

Swinging Foam Bat

Materials needed:

* Black craft foam sheet

* Blue ink pen

* Scissors

* Mini sunglasses with pin attachment, optional

* Wiggle eyes

* Tacky glue

* Hole punch

* Narrow ribbon

* Suction cup with either a hole or a hook attachment


1. Draw your bat on the craft foam sheet and cut out.

2. Either pin on the mini sunglasses or glue on the wiggle eyes. Let dry.

3. Punch a hole in the bat's head near the top.

4. Take a small length of ribbon and run it through the hole.

5. If your suction cup has a hole in it, run the ribbon through the suction cup, then knot. If your suction cup has a hook attached, then just knot the ribbon and hang the bat.

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