Sunday, December 26, 2010

The History of Crossword Puzzle

There are thousands of crosswords puzzles all around the world which have been a form of entertainment for puzzle lovers. They appear in newspapers and crossword puzzle books and serve as a tool to educate young children. Crosswords have been around since early 1900.

A puzzle is essentially a word game in which players use clues to fill in a grid of squares to complete the words, both vertically and horizontally. Arthur Wynne, an English-born journalist in the New York World, is credited with the invention of the crossword.

Wynne based his word-cross, as it was originally named after an ancient game that originated in Pompeii, translated from Latin means "magic squares" queWynne had played as a child. The first puzzle was a diamond shape.

Wynne World crossword puzzle published in your 8-page "Fun"section as a mental exercise. Thanks to its intelligent and easy to track, which was a hit with readers. Over time other newspapers would publish the puzzles, too.

In 1923, most U.S. newspapers and Great Britain were published crosswords. Simon and Schuster published the first crossword puzzle book collection. The New York Times was one of the only newspapers did not publish the crosswords. It also frowned on cartoons. However, the document finally succumbed, and printed his first puzzle in 1950.

Today crossword puzzle appear in newspapers around the world and can even be produced by using computer software.

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