Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fashion Your Ideas Around Crafting This Year

This year, the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) combined the popularity of general crafting with the latest fashion movement to create "fashion crafting." As the focal point of crafting this year, consumers are encouraged to create handmade, personalized couture and accessories.

The U.S. fashion industry accounts for over $180 billion in sales of apparel and accessories, according to NPD Group, a leading global research firm. According to the Craft & Hobby Association, fashion crafting accounts for $6.1 billion in annual sales.

With 63 million households crafting each year, the majority of Americans are crafters -; even if they don't know it yet. Fashion crafting is a great opportunity to introduce crafting to a new generation of would-be crafters.

"The styles that we see in home and apparel stores are easy to recreate," said Terri Oullete, national spokesperson for CHA and author of "Terri O.'s Easy Embellishing." "Whether someone's Generation Y or a Boomer, always crafts or has never crafted before, they can find a wide variety of tools and products at any craft store to help them make their own version of the trendiest looks."

Here are some tips and ideas from Terri O. for fashion crafts that can help you celebrate your personal style with items already in your closet and a few products from the local craft store:

- Embellish a pair of jeans using glue-on crystals to create a designer look for less.

- Use fabric and double-stick tape to enhance the heel of your favorite pair of black pumps.

- For kids, use iron-on appliqu├ęs and specialty fabric pens to turn a basic backpack into a personalized fashion accessory.

- Using hot glue, attach a beaded trim to the seams of a casual clutch to take it from daytime casual to evening elegant.

- Lost an earring? Use basic jewelry-making tools to turn your remaining earing into a pendant perfect for your favorite charm bracelet.

For more information on crafts or for additional craft-project ideas, visit www.craftplace.org.

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